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Rick Santorum tells the Pope that science is none of his business

  Santorum doesn’t have any quarrels When the Pope talks on faith and on morals. But he seethes with defiance When the Pope uses  science To warn  global warming  kills corals.  

On or off the field, Chris Christie is big at the plate

  Playing softball Chris Christie’s a sight In a  uniform so shamefully  tight That it raises his girth To a level of mirth That  he couldn’t have meant to invite.  

British study says the fair sex better liars. But not in this line of work.

  A survey says that women lie More often than men do. Except of course in politics Where the opposite is true.

Twitter brings Queen Elizabeth II back from the dead

  At the BBC someone had tweeted That the Queen the Grim Reaper has greeted. But Her Majesty lives. So for God’s  sake what gives? Not the Queen,  but the tweet was  deleted.

A Reflection on Bruce-Caitlyn Jenner

  All people at birth God does render A man or a woman in gender But there are some times when He’ll mix  women with men Genetically as in a blender.