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Cubs Manager, Joe Maddon, a great actor?

During the Cub game the other night there were the usual shots of Manager Joe Maddon on the steps of the dugout studying the action on the field.  Bespectacled, his face had  the noticeable white stubble that results from skipping a shave or two. As I looked more  closely at his scruffy  physiognomy, it dawned... Read more »

Obama under attack for using the N-word

  Obama the N-word had no right to say. No matter the context in which it did lay. So the bigots all right Have  jumped on the sound bite Though they might say the word every day.    

Donald Trump for President? Are you kidding?

  Donald Trump is now running for  president. But the thought of that should make us hesitant. Do we want this loose cannon, This snake oil man in The White House as its leading resident?

If you like crowds, you may like this. Carl Jung notwithstanding

  Yesterday I wrote about my reaction to watching on TV the crowds celebrating the Black Hawks’ victory.  That I was relieved, in a way, I was not in the middle of the human congestion.  While I was writing I wondered what the phobia of crowds is called.  I googled it and founded out: ochlophobia... Read more »

How I survived the Stanley Cup

  At the sight of a  crowd I’m uptight; Like the one for the Black Hawks last night. As I watched on TV, I didn’t see me; So I knew that I must be all right.

A case of identity: Rachel Dolezal

  A woman insists  she is black But  her parents say truth she does lack. Is she sinner or saint If she is or she ain’t? Should we judge whether someone’s a quack?

Ode to my favorite fruit, the banana

  [Suggested by the ChicagoNow blogger  RiotGirl’s ” Daaaaaaaay-O (Ode to the illustrious banana)”]   Consider the banana Fruit with appeal. Better than the manna God made into a meal.  

Senator Kirk shows his sexist side

  That his mike was on Kirk didn’t know When he used the pejorative “Ho”. He’s embarrassed of course And replete with remorse And he won’t use the term anymo’.

NBC exec would prefer hockey goes beardless

“An NBC Sports exec doesn’t think hockey players should grow “playoff beards,” because it obscures their handsome good looks.” []   A hockey game often gets hairy Sticks flying while goalies make saves. So wherefore is NBC wary That there’s nary a player who shaves.

Miley Cyrus nude again. How boaring.

  Miley Cyrus likes to pose On magazine covers without her clothes. Her reputation can’t sink lower In the eyes of people who barely know her.