On or off the field, Chris Christie is big at the plate



Playing softball Chris Christie’s a sight

In a  uniform so shamefully  tight

That it raises his girth

To a level of mirth

That  he couldn’t have meant to invite.


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  • He looks like the letter P.

  • In reply to E.F. Coleman:

    P for pathetic. P for Progressives owe this Phony Plenty for throwing Romney under bus in 2012.

  • In reply to E.F. Coleman:

    Let's see. Prodigious starts with a P.

  • Was this before or after the stomach stapling?

  • BTW, don't you have a picture of William Howard Taft playing for the Cincinnati Reds?

  • If he did play for them, he would have spent most of the time on the bench where he did wind up later on the Supreme Court.

    BTW, he started the tradition of the president throwing out the first pitch of the season, in 1910.

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