NBC exec would prefer hockey goes beardless

“An NBC Sports exec doesn’t think hockey players should grow “playoff beards,” because it obscures their handsome good looks.” [97x.com]


A hockey game often gets hairy

Sticks flying while goalies make saves.

So wherefore is NBC wary

That there’s nary a player who shaves.

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  • He's more concerned that Kane can't grow much of a beard. But as Kane would say, with respect to beards, "That's HOCKEY tradition."

    There was a discussion on a baseball blog about what few U.S. players are left looking like they just came from Duck Dynasty. But I guess NBC doesn't have the rights to baseball.

    As for handsome good looks, I don't think that applies to Keith after taking too many pucks to the face. On the other hand it should be more of a concern that pretty boy Sharp hasn't scored, nor put a puck past the goalie.

  • In reply to jack:

    Jack, I must disagree when it comes to Duncan Keith. Not only is he quite handsome, he has one of the better beards on the team, at least to me.

  • Thank you for "serving up a pizza," as Coach Q would say in hockey jargon -- passing me a very easy and fun comment.
    The NBC executive is ignoring two very important segments of his audience: (a) females and (b) those of us who've been paying attention all season.
    I find the tradition a bit silly and superstitious, but I don't have trouble telling one Blackhawk from another -- not after paying attention all season since 19 hundred and never-mind.
    Well, Teuvo Teravainen (no. 86) and Patrick Kane (no. 88) are a bit difficult from a distance on TV, but in that case, "Kaner's" beard helps!

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