Donald Trump for President? Are you kidding?

donald-trump 1


Donald Trump is now running for  president.

But the thought of that should make us hesitant.

Do we want this loose cannon,

This snake oil man in

The White House as its leading resident?

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  • Some commentator said that this was just to pump The Apprentice and The Celebrity Apprentice, but it appears that is futile, too.

    It seems like lack of reality TV has run its course. Somehow one of the TVs at the fitness center was knocked off line, and when brought back, there was some cable TV show, the best I could tell was about some brides figuring out if their breasts would fill out their $800 designer gowns.

  • I never have thought very highly of Trump, but I have gotten a kick out some of his recent comments. Our politics, including President Obama, the Clinton's, and the Republican clown car have really entered 'the theater of the absurd.' The court needs a jester too, and he just might be an event that shows everyone the lack of clothes on our emperors.

    While the country takes in another mass murder, our politicians are passing another opaque bill that Americans are too dumb (Gruber) to be privy to in TPP. Just a small consideration on NAFTA here.

  • In reply to 4zen:

    Jimmy Kimmel had a line about in line with your observation: "Trump is good for employment....mine."

    However, on the NAFTA point, it seems inconsistent that the U.S. is flooding Mexico with cheap corn, but they can't afford tortillas.

  • In reply to jack:

    Or as the saying goes 'let them eat corn cake.'

  • In reply to 4zen:

    Which technically is one translation of tortilla (although in Spain it apparently is omelet). Cake is either torta or pastel.

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