A case of identity: Rachel Dolezal

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A woman insists  she is black

But  her parents say truth she does lack.

Is she sinner or saint

If she is or she ain’t?

Should we judge whether someone’s a quack?

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  • On the last phrase, I always recognized Dr. Mallard.

    As I said over the weekend, I am also now black. However she is a sinner if she filed hate crime complaints with the police if the hate was not directed toward her central European heritage.

    There are probably other issues, such as Mindy Kaling's brother getting into med school as a Black, but I don't think he filed a discrimination suit on account of being black, but just tried to make a point (even though the story indicates that Chicago cops hassled him).

  • Or maybe it was a St. Louis cop.

  • If it's true that she told her brother 'not to blow it for her' then I doubt she's a quack, at least no more of a quack then your typical huckster.

    It appears to be more 'will to power'. She found an edge to competition and used it.

  • In reply to 4zen:

    Then, I guess she isn't any different than Mindy's brother. Except, again, for the racial harassment complaints.

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