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Sex? It depends on the time.

Note: A new study shows that men prefer sex early in the day while women like it more late at night.   The sex drive in men is diurnal; But women get turned on nocturnal. For a roll in the hay To be fair in a way. I suggest enter it in a journal.  

Let's say no to the Trans-Pacific Partnership, Mr. President

  Memo to the President: I don’t accept your argument On the trade deal TPP. I haven’t read it, but who has? I hear it ain’t good for  the Middle Class Or for our sovereignty. It gives multinational corporations The rights and privileges of real nations. A dangerous precedent if you ask me. So why ... Read more »

In defense of Bruce Jenner

  Sex might  be a kind  of athletics. Sex  has its own niche in aesthetics. It’s for procreation But its orientation Is not someone’s choice. It’s genetics.    

GMOs in the land of Dr. Oz

“Dr. Mehmet Oz says last week’s attack by 10 doctors who accused him of promoting “quack treatments” on his TV show was spurred by his vocal support for labeling genetically modified foods – a stance he says some if not all of those accusers oppose.” [  April 23] We do not like thee, Dr. Oz.... Read more »

Should chimpanzees enjoy some human rights?

      “According to a New York judge, two chimpanzees now have a right that until Monday was reserved for humans. The chimps, used in research at Stony Brook University, may never actually be released, but the court’s move represents a historic change in thinking about animal rights. Here’s what happened: In December 2013,... Read more »

Chew your obsession away

  “Can’t get that song out of your head? Chewing gum could turn off annoying ‘earworms’ according to new research from the University of Reading.” []   Are motifs and melodies in your head, chum? Obsessive tunes you continually hum? There is an RX To get rid of this hex. You can silence the songs... Read more »

Earth Day: A Verse

  It isn’t  this might be “Someone you know’s” birthday. Or that it’s “I’ll live up to all that I’ m worth” day. It’s more special,  you see, To remember that we Must preserve and  protect it.  So celebrate ‘Earth Day’!

An Enrichment Course in the Chicago Public Schools

  A contract’s not bid on  to SUPES While  outsiders must   jump through the  hoops. The Board strings along As if nothing is  wrong. You’re surprised that  we’re  taken for dupes?

A Post Mortem: My appointment with Carl Jung

  The following narrative is fiction. And, therefore, any resemblance to real people or real events is purely coincidental. Which is why I had to see him.  The coincidences.  Is there some reason they happen so often to me?  Or at least that’s how it seems. No one I’ve heard of knows more about them... Read more »

A small cottage in a vast universe

  Years ago my  wife’s grandparents owned a cottage in Wonder Lake northwest of Chicago.  We cherished our time there. At the lake during the day and after a hearty meal playing cards in the evening on the enclosed back porch. It was pure rest and relaxation. We estivated there for years, many after her... Read more »