Pi Day: A Lament



The strangest of numbers is pi.

Don’t ask me. I couldn’t say why.

My life simply hath

Never needed much math

So to learn it  I didn’t much try.

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  • But do you know the meaning of a googleplex, and will it eventually have its day? Is Infinity Day ever coming?

  • Pi obviously fits neatly on the calendar. At its briefest it's 3.14. 3= month, 14= day. Today the 3rd and 4th digit after the decimal also coinicides with the calendar. (20)15. Of course, this won't happen again for another 100 years.

    Infinity Day? Isn't that the first day of the afterlife?

  • Googleplex? Off the top of my head isn't that 10 to the 100th power raised to the 100th power?

    Again off the top of my head, 10 to the 100th power is called a google because a famous mathematician whose name escapes me at the moment asked his nephew(?) what to call such a number and the boy suggested 'google'.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Yes, although it appeared I misspelled it (a href="http://whatis.techtarget.com/definition/googol-and-googolplex">source). The misspelling probably a combination of the discussion on Margaret Serious on technology debasing the language, and a for profit company, for trademark purposes, not wanting a generic term for a name.

    But I was exploring the philosophical implications of various extrapolations from Pi Day. I figure that Little Caesar's square, bacon wrapped pizza doesn't qualify, even though it is a pie. Crostada is probably in the same boat.

    And I take it from your comment that Infinity Day won't be seen on the calendar, except at a dealership selling rebranded Nissans.

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