Greeting Spring with a chorus of crocuses



Author’s note: This morning in my garden I came upon a bunch of crocuses (pictured above). Their beauty took me by surprise.  Breathtaking. Angelic. They seemed to be breaking out in song. And I thought about a boy choir from London that I had seen on Channel 11, Libera.  The 32 boys in the choir were dressed in white gowns; my 13 floral voices are gaily decked out in light purple.

In the garden this morning I met

Robed in purple a crocus set.

Each mouth was opened wide

As if a sound came from inside.

And all did blend in harmony

A lovely quiet song for me.

A private concert did they sing

To herald in the first of Spring.





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Tags: Libera, World Poetry Day


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  • What a lovely song of Spring, AW----and a fine offering for Poetry Day, too!

  • In reply to Weather Girl:

    Thanks, WG for your kind words. Another synchronicity.

  • Oh my... reading this makes me wonder whether I can dissent from those dissenting opinions about spring I was spreading the other day. Thank you! I hope the little choir is doing all right in the Return of Winter.

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