Food TV: A recipe for weight gain?



“…a recent study performed in the United Kingdom, found that TV chefs’ recipes were high in fat, saturated fat, and sodium compared to the World Health Organization’s nutritional guidelines (Howard, Adams, & White, 2012). The TV recipes also contained more calories, protein, and fat than supermarket pre-prepared meals, which traditionally are not that nutritious either.” []


A study on watching food shows

Says what everyone probably  knows

For the culture we live in

When tempted we give in.

So  in this case avoirdupois  grows.



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  • This is undoubtably true from my experience. I love to cook and it has become one my biggest passions, but it's not just fat, salt and protein. In fact, the greatest culprit I believe is sugar and carbohydrates. In the late eighties the food pyramid took the daily suggested serving of carbs from 3-4/day to 6-11and we all know what happened after that.

    2 years ago I quit eating sugar/pasta/grains/beans for the most part. Increased fat/vegetables (including root veg.) and lost 20 pounds with no added cardio. Haven't had one asthma related episode since. These Monsanto grains are not the grains of yore, but I'm sure I've posted some of this before.

  • Since you mentioned the Food Network, the rub there was that they gave up the "how to cook" shows for the "out of control chef" shows, because that's the only way they could make money. Now we have Gordon Ramsey. PBS went about 70% into the "foodie" and "culinary travels" shows instead of the how to cook ones.

    The cooking shows claim to be healthy, but the biggest hypocrite was The Frugal Pedophile, who at one moment talked about his heart disease, and the next minute loaded a carrot cake with chicken fat. Similarly, America's Test Kitchen's response to all the complaints about that they brine everything is that "you can eat twice as much salt as they say."

    I agree with 4zen on the vegetables, and don't mind looking up Rachel Ray or Lidia to find out what to do with kale and rapini.

  • There are no calories in watching this stuff, but then cooking afterward can feel anemic!

  • In reply to Margaret H. Laing:

    It was purported that vegetables like celery, carrots, and kale were negative calories, in that it took more energy to eat them than they provided.

    Since you mentioned Scotland (elsewhere), Craig once was asked "are their any Scottish chefs?" to which he responded Gordon Ramsey, and the audience groaned. If restaurant kitchens are really like what he portrays, maybe I am not interested in eating there. However, I am off to make use of my 20% off coupon at Einsteins'. Apparently the real Einstein Brothers (Super Dave Osborne and Albert Brooks) have nothing to do with them.

  • In reply to jack:

    I didn't even know they were brothers. Just think the pressure you put on a kid by naming him after the greatest scientist of all times.

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