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Why I'd rather go to the zoo

“A Perth man has been attacked by a lion, just one day after arriving in South Africa on holiday. A PERTH man has been attacked by a lion, just one day after arriving in South Africa on holiday. The man was driving through a safari park when the lion reportedly jumped through the window and... Read more »

Scott Walker: Will an eagle land in the White House?

  “Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who achieved the rank of Eagle Scout as a teen, has taken that motto seriously. His Eagle Scout status has him so prepared, he indicated this week, he’s ready to serve as commander in chief of the U.S. military.”[Jessie Opoien:The Cap Times] Scott Walker was asked why he’d be A... Read more »

A riff on procrastination (inspired by Expat Mamma)

Author’s note: ChicagoNow blogger Expat Mamma is to blame for the following verse whose first line is the title of her post today.   Do you plan to do what you plan to do? Or are you planning to do what you don’t? I haven’t the faintest. I wonder, do you? What you’re planning to... Read more »

Walgreens : no longer in the corner of "Be Well"

“Walgreens will no longer require its cashiers to send each customer off with the words, ‘Be well.'”  []   When buying at Walgreens whatever they sell, A drug at the pharmacy? Maybe a gel? You’ll hear no robotic, No parting quixotic No programmed and prepackaged  eyewash “Be Well!”

My crocus choristers: What a difference a day makes!

Last Saturday I introduced visually and poetically a congregation of crocuses in my garden.  They were a fitting image for the first full day of Spring.   Then Monday arrived and Old Man Winter reasserted his presence.  My crocuses were left out in the snow.  Awaiting the next sunny opportunity to burst out in song.... Read more »

Throwing his hat in the ring, Ted Cruz touches base with God

  The Republican party’s preparing  to  choose For president someone not likely to lose. John McCain wasn’t it Nor the one-percent Mitt And if there’s a God, it will not be Ted Cruz.  

Morpheus versus Eros

  “Sleep loss is so widespread among Americans, six out of 10 of us now say that we crave sleep more than we crave sex.” [Newsmax]   Relationships can be complex And  could end in your  paying an ex. So it’s not often bright, When you’re tired at night, That you  give into sleep over... Read more »

Greeting Spring with a chorus of crocuses

  Author’s note: This morning in my garden I came upon a bunch of crocuses (pictured above). Their beauty took me by surprise.  Breathtaking. Angelic. They seemed to be breaking out in song. And I thought about a boy choir from London that I had seen on Channel 11, Libera.  The 32 boys in the... Read more »

Food TV: A recipe for weight gain?

  “…a recent study performed in the United Kingdom, found that TV chefs’ recipes were high in fat, saturated fat, and sodium compared to the World Health Organization’s nutritional guidelines (Howard, Adams, & White, 2012). The TV recipes also contained more calories, protein, and fat than supermarket pre-prepared meals, which traditionally are not that nutritious either.” []   A study... Read more »

The Strange Fashion Choice of Savannah Guthrie

  On the Today Show this morning, Savannah Guthrie wore the most curious of dresses. OK, who am I, you ask, to be talking about dresses? No expert to be sure.  But there was something about her dress that anyone with any common sense and even a rudimentary sense of , let’s say, style  would... Read more »