When Other Streets Were Left Unplowed, Alderman Burke's Got the Royal Treatment


When the snows were their deepest

As experienced  now

And the streets were impassable

Without a plow.

There was in the news

At least one thoroughfare

That was plowed and plowed over

To keep it quite bare.

And many did wonder

Why their streets were ignored

While Ed Burke’s was plowed

Five  times  in his ward.

The officials responded

It wasn’t a perk

To haul all the snow

From  the street of Ed Burke.

His cul de sac is

What they call an arterial.

No, it’s where Mr. Burke lives

That makes it imperial.





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  • Nothing new to see here, just keep moving along.

    Also, don't forget that he got a special fence to separate his abode from the riff raff at the Orange Line station.* Also that he has his own Illinois Supreme Court justice.

    *See pictures of some of them taken by a contributor to chicagobus.org here.

  • Maddening (by them). Cleverly done (by you).

  • You don't understand the importance of Alderman Burke.

    You think plowing by his home is some sort of perk.

    You should know keeping roads open for emergency leaders

    Is as important as plowing feeders.

    You see, Burke needs to be free to lead the snowplowing work!

  • In reply to jnorto:

    There once was an aldercreature from Nantucket...

    I don't really have to go further here.

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