Another coincidence to write about: Sorry for being so late, Jimmy

Not long ago, our ringmaster invited us bloggers to write about a coincidence. I didn’t respond at the time.

I had written before about coincidences.  They seem to pop up so  often in my life that I believe they must be more than coincidences.  Providential,  if that is an accurate  word for it.

I should have talked to the late psychoanalyst  Carl Jung —another writing  challenge I didn’t accept—who probed into the subject and thought that  these strange occurrences  were universally experienced by homo sapiens. Synchronicities , he dubbed them.   He might have  given me so sort of closure on the matter.

But Wednesday morning, it happened again.

As usual I was rambling on while my wife patiently listened.  About something in the news, the ill-fated  Jordanian pilot whom  Isis had held hostage before  brutally murdering.   I was going on about how some nations, including our own, refuse to give in to extortion.  When all of a sudden I had one of those matutinal brain cramps.  I couldn’t think of the word for what  kidnappers demand to release a hostage.

I kicked it around for a few seconds, then let the whole megillah  go.

Later, I poured another cup  of Folgers and went toe to toe with the Trib crossword.

13 across: Big Island coffee region?  I knew it immediately.  “Kona”.  We brought some back from Hawaii several years ago.

1 down: With hands on hips?  Ah, a word you don’t often hear these days. “akimbo”.

10-down:…….What!…….Redeemed from captivity?  There it was.  Released from its own captivity in my gray matter: “ransomed”.


God knows!



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  • It may have been ransom when they asked for $20 billion yen before they beheaded the Japanese hostage.

    I don't know the word for when they wanted to exchange the pilot for the Al Queda prisoner in Jordan after they had incinerated the pilot a month before, especially when Jordan had reason to know that they had already killed him. All I can figure is that they must be running out of "inventory" of hostages.

    About the only coincidence I recognize is that a commercial is on the car radio for something I am about to pass. i mentioned here about a week ago about the person who called me wanting the Obamacare phone number while Bob Sirott was giving it out on radio. However,with the limited variety in radio commercials these days, probably neither is a true coincidence.

  • Matthew 20:28
    just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many."

    It appears the ransom has already been paid.

    'In addition to finding the terrorists out there, we have to search out and make peace with the terrorists within. In the long run, I believe, this will be the best offering we can make to each other and to our world.'
    -Jerry Wright author 'Christ, a Symbol of the Self'

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