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#The Dress: Is the world off its rack?

  Is it white and gold or black and blue? The Dress has now become a  curse. It’s talked about as if it were The fabric of the universe.  

Could I give up everything to die on Mars? Well...

ChicagoNow blogger Tim Falletti (a.k.a. The Acrimonious Clown) poses this question in his post today, “Could you give up everything to die on Mars?” Could I?  “Could” involves a number of  things, of course.    Age. Health. Job. Family.   But the question I suppose is academic. So let’s assume I could. But would I? I’m... Read more »

How to stay healthy in 140 characters or less

“A study of Twitter by University of Pennsylvania researchers found an association between angry tweets and a higher risk of heart disease. So complain this is stupid at your own peril.” [Phil Rosenthal in his business column Margin Call on Feb. 25} A study finds—it’s more or less sure— That angry tweets will raise blood... Read more »

For Dr. King's daughter following his footsteps is a fetish

  “I love shoes and I think, deep in their souls, many women have secret love affairs with shoes. Shoes are the ultimate accessory, and I think they allow a woman to make a true fashion statement about who she is and what sets her apart from other women.”  [Bernice King in an interview appearing... Read more »

Rudy Guiliani: Comic Relief in an American War Drama---a la Shakespeare

    Hearken, in his cap and bells, to Rudy Guiliani: “I do not like  Barack as much as I love Ronnie.” With a hey and a ho and a hey nonny nonny. “It’s a terrible thing that I  say but true” Obama hates me and he also hates you.” With a hey and a... Read more »

Rudy Guiliani: Republican Loose Popgun

My mother was not a philosopher. But she did pass on some practical wisdom to me.  “Just because someone jumps into a lake, doesn’t mean you should,” she often said.   I guess she knew I would never learn to swim. Another bit of advice she used to drum into our heads was “Consider the... Read more »

Henry Wallace Could Have Been Speaking of the Koch Brothers

Many Americans have never  heard of Henry Wallace.  But he deserves to be remembered.  He was like Jefferson in that he respected the agrarian way of life and had faith in the power and destiny of the common man. He was Secretary of Agriculture in the  darkest days of the Great  Depression. Few at the... Read more »

Biden Creepy? He can't touch this other Veep.

There’s a saying that goes something like “there’s security in obscurity.”  This is why I’m not  into Facebook that much.  Too much information. Nothing seems to be private these days.  Especially if you’re in the public eye. Of course, there are those who live off of  and thrive in publicity. Entertainers, socialites, monomaniacs, politicians.  It... Read more »

Giving the Oscars a Shot in the Arm

Last Thursday I fortuitously came upon the Grantland Oscar Preview show. Three guys sitting around offering opinions about this year’s nominees.  I had never seen two of them before. Wesley Morris and Chris Connelly.  But the sassy opinionated, often controversial,  host, Bill Simmons,  I was very familiar with. Not having seen any of the films... Read more »

Is Cindy Crawford's Body All That Important?

  The above unvarnished photo of Cindy Crawford at the ripe-old age of 47 has gone viral. Which means it’s enjoying an ephemeral buzzfest on social media.  Some are talking about it like it’s a watershed for the feminist movement.  “Empowering”. “A teachable moment”. The photo appeared in a 2013 edition of the fashion-beauty-health  magazine... Read more »