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The Raison d'etre for my Blogging

  Why do I write? It’s a fair kind of question. So  that food for thought might Get the proper digestion.    

Driving Mr. Emanuel----Through Red Lights

  I’m no fan of  red-light cameras.  Not because they’d catch me in a violation.  No, it has more to do with disliking being spied on .  You know, the  big-brother  syndrome. So I live with them.  Begrudgingly. Which brings me to a notorious scofflaw in this context.  Mayor Emanuel. It seems his official vehicle... Read more »

Will Boehner, Bruised and Battered, Survive?

“And so, yeah, there have been a couple of stumbles, all in our effort to show the American people that we’re here to listen to their priorities.”  [John Boehner] “Earlier this month Boehner faced a rebellion within his House Republican caucus when several members tried to oust him after he got GOP members to support... Read more »

There is an old man on Nantucket...

  There is an old man on Nantucket Who watched the snow fall by the bucket He lives on the coast ‘Cause he loves the sea most But all he wants now is to duck it  

Downton Abbey's Frank Sinatra?

  I caught  the latest episode of Downton Abbey Sunday after missing it a week ago.  As its  fans all know, Lady Mary Crawley (Michelle Dockery) is having doubts about one suitor, Terence Sampson (Patrick Kennedy), while another, Charles Blake (Julian Ovenden), makes his pitch It’s only one strand in a tapestry of subplots in... Read more »

It's Time to Change Today: The Morning Show, I Mean

Mornings, my wife likes to watch the Today Show. Some habits are hard to break.  I’m not a big fan.  I can take it or leave it. Like everything else in the world,  I admit The Today Show has  its assets and liabilities.   It’s just that, in my opinion, its liabilities crowd out its assets.... Read more »

In Memoriam: I'll Miss You, Ernie, Mr. Cub

  To me, you were, like beer and franks, The game of baseball,  Mr. Banks. Your epitaph? I’d fill the blanks With “Let’s play two!” and  love and thanks.

Taking the Rap Off Test Anxiety: One Bubble at a Time

  “How do you relieve stress? Everyone has their own preference when it comes to how they relieve stress. In Poland…they’re using bubble wrap. The Vocational College in southern Poland offered its students bubble wrap as a stress reliever during exams. According to the “pop poll stress survey”, one minute of popping the bubbles provides... Read more »

Louis XIII: The Moon King?

In the 1600s King Louis XIII had a toilet bowl built directly into his throne, says Carolyn Dean, MD, ND, and coauthor of IBS Cookbook for Dummies (Wiley, 2009).   He wasn’t the Sun King, This Louis of France, But an  earlier one  king Who didn’t wear  pants. When ensconced on his throne He was... Read more »

Representative Aaron Schock Tilts with the Minimum Wage

  Ilinois Republican Congressman Aaron Schock appeared last night on MSNBC after the State of the Union address.  In case you forgot or didn’t know, MSNBC is the Progressive antidote to Fox News. Republican elected officials are generally phobic about MSNBC, and approach it with trepidation, if at all.  So I give Mr. Schock credit... Read more »