Has Award Show Fatigue Set In Yet?

Tina Fey, Margaret Cho and Amy Poehler talk onstage during the 72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards. Fey and Poehler hosted the awards for the third (and, they say, final) time.


The People’s Choice.  The Golden Globe.  Do you still have a stomach for all this puffery and pride?  I don’t. Ego orgies turn me off.

I’m probably in the unhip minority though.   Otherwise these  vanity venues would not have  much  traction.  But I have to be honest about. I can’t take the parade of eye candy down the red carpet anymore.  Or the fawning TV personalities who do the silly interviews.       Or the self-adulating presenters who want to steal the moment.   Or the hosts, no matter how funny they think they are. They aren’t.  Or the winners who squeeze out of  every second’s worth of attention  their desperate need to be loved.

It’s all become so predictable.  So redundant.  So cliche.  Everlasting exercises in shameless self-importance.

Sally Field may have summed it up  best when accepting her Oscar.   “You like me,” she simpered. “You really like me.”   How touching!

But even love can be grating.  When it’s so shallow and tasteless.



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  • I got bored with it about 20 years ago. The only thing of interest is that the one to the right in the top picture might have two golden globes. I'm not sure what Kim Jung Un is doing in that picture, though.

  • In reply to jack:

    Bill Leff just explained hat it was Margaret Cho.

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