Downton Abbey's Frank Sinatra?


I caught  the latest episode of Downton Abbey Sunday after missing it a week ago.  As its  fans all know, Lady Mary Crawley (Michelle Dockery) is having doubts about one suitor, Terence Sampson (Patrick Kennedy), while another, Charles Blake (Julian Ovenden), makes his pitch

It’s only one strand in a tapestry of subplots in the current 5th season of this smart and elegant historical costume drama.

While I was  glued to the set, soaking in every bit of its authentic flavor and every new complication for its characters, it struck  me  how one of them, Charles Blake,  resembled Old Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra.

What do you think?   Does British actor Julian Ovenden—who is also a singer— bear a striking resemblance to the late crooner, who was dubbed “The Voice” way back in the 1940s?


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  • I don't know. For one thing, he isn't Italian, which is one strike against his looks.

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