These Men Have the Hots for Sex

Science Headline: French researchers claim men with an appetite for spicy food are ‘alpha males’ with higher levels of testosterone. (The Telegraph)

Men who savor spicy foods

Are better for erotic moods.

Purportedly a study has shown

These males have more testosterone.

On them a jalapeno acts

Like sundry aphrodisiacs.

So looking for a stallion, filly?

See if he likes a fiery chili.



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  • The cause and effect seem reversed. It seems to be more commonly believed that chilis are actual aphrodisiacs. Maybe the high testosterone male uses them to warm up the female, sort of a more efficient means than ordering the Hoodie-Footie advertised on radio. Or, since chilies originated in Mexico, maybe the men are muy macho.

    Your headline has other connotations in New York. Besides the better known "Get Your Red Hots" in NYC, in upstate New York a bratwurst is known as a "Texas White Hot," according to some Greek who invented it, not because it was from Texas, but because it was so big.

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