"The Interview" Is a Poor Choice for Defending Free Expression

If ever a movie deserved prior censorship, The Interview would qualify.   I’m all for the 1st Amendment, but really, Mr. President, perhaps on this one you should have let Sony roll in its own bleep!

By all accounts, the movie is dreadful.  (Read Variety’s scathing assessment)   It’s based on a fatuous premise, and, in this incendiary world of ours, a reckless one too.

When you trivialize an assassination of a world leader, don’t pick one who’s a head case and happens to have nuclear weapons.

And if you are going to do it anyway at least do it with some creative ingenuity.  And maybe some genuine drollery.

Rogen and Franco, you’re not the Marx Brothers. Or even the Stooges.

But even the latter would have tackled the assignment with more class.

And less anal orifice.

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  • There are other reasons this movie stinks the Sony exes are knuckle headed ingrates : http://www.chicagonow.com/boomer-with-a-view/2014/12/dear-sony-karma-knows-your-e-mail-address-too/

  • In reply to E.F. Coleman:

    Yes, those embarrassing e-mails. And the irony of the very President Sony execs maligned going to bat for its right to peddle an artistic monstrosity.

    Thanks, E.F., I enjoyed your post.

  • I think I disagree with you. I am pleased that it was released, even though I have no plans to see it. The critics are punishing Sony for their poor taste as badly as anything Kim Jong Un might do. And, because the theater chains are not carrying it, Sony has no opportunity to recoup its cost from the large audiences which too often reward bad taste.

  • In reply to jnorto:

    Yes, I support the 1st Amendment too. And whoever threatened Sony should be denounced. But Sony was free to release the movie whenever it wanted to. And the distributors acted freely. as well Theirs were business decisions. Mr. Obama might have framed his response in the form of a hypothetical: If North Korea were responsible, then....

    And let the free market place sort it all out.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    From what I understand (including that there were Korean words in the malware code) it wasn't hypothetical.

    Chapman had a commentary about frightened governments doing scary things. When this autistic child of a leader first told the U.S. government to pull it, I figured he was kidding, but since it sure appears that he authorized it (with the Taliban like line of I didn't do it, but commend those who did), and those who did made terrorist threats against movie theaters, I think President Obama was correct in categorizing it. After all, it is the Tea Party's job to call the President a monkey, not little Kim's, and James Holmes's job to shoot up a theater, not some hacker's.

    Of course, Sony better do something to improve its internet security.

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