Storefront Verse, Or a Game of Names


Yesterday I was driving north on Pulaski Road on my way to play pinochle at my aunt’s.    When I caught a glimpse of a store sign I’ve noticed many times before in passing.  ” Paco’s Tacos”.

It got me thinking. Now there’s a good rhyme or reason for a post.

How many others could there be  like this?

“Ollie’s Tamales”  Which might be next to “Stan’s Flans”.

So I whiled away the rest of my  road trip inventing as many of these reduplicative  store signs  as I could.

Here’s a few more I teased out of my whimsical fancy .  I leave it to you, Gentle Reader, to cull a few from your own.

1. Jake’s Steaks.

2. Sam’s Hams

3. Aloysuis’ Fishes

4. Harry’s Berries

5. Hope’s Cantaloupes

6. Clare’s Chairs

7. Abel’s Tables

8. Grant’s Plants

9. Lars’ Cars

10. Hanna’s Bananas

11. Paul’s Shawls

12. Bart’s Charts

13. Rita’s Pitas

14. Nat’s Hats

15. Herman’s Ermines

16. Jack’s Tacks

17. Ray’s Maize

18. Ron’s johns

19. Kate’s Dates

20. Wayne’s Reins



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  • Try it with kielbasa or soondubu (both on Milwaukee Ave.). Sprios Gyros is too easy, and one Spiros changed his name to Zippy.

    Personally, I wondered why Mr. T's mother was making pierogies.

  • In reply to jack:

    It took me approximately 5 hours to realize that Mrs. T's Pierogis rhymes and thus makes the category.

  • Don't overlook the illegal, marginal and emerging lines of work. These may go on business cards, but not business signs. A few I think of are:

    Charlot's Harlots

    Doug's Drugs (legal or otherwise)

    Dot's Pots (or more simply Dot Pot) to place a marker in an emerging industry.

    Or, perhaps, the least publicized of all, Kit's Hits.

  • In reply to jnorto:

    I wondered why most of the large supermarkets changed their signs from "Food Drugs" to "Food Pharmacy."

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