How to Edit an Expletive Without Deleting It: a la Julie-Hammervision


In her post on November 2 “The worst people ever to set foot inside Costco today'” ChicagoNow blogger Julie-Hammervision has this to say, “Costco was nucking futs today.”

I won’t say that Julie  lacks  guts

For pulling her punches with “nucking futs.”

I’ll only observe  that  spoonerisms

Are not effective  euphemisms.




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  • That's one way, although Weather Girl didn't care for the Nixon administration way.

    I also see that Tribune Publishing has found another way to attempt to extract money out of this site.

  • Well, to copy the "definitions" of funny ha-ha and funny strange, there should be effective funny and effective useful. I'd call Julie's effective funny.

  • Just home from there, Costco definitely deserves something stronger than a euphemism. What is with the panic?

    Had to wait in a long line for a cooked chicken before I waited in a longer line to pay. I would like to see an experiment where Costco raised their prices higher than the typical retailers, my bet is nothing would change. Costco fulfills some deep seated instinctual need to freak out at a market.

  • In reply to 4zen:

    One can get a rotisserie chicken at about any grocery store. Garden Fresh at one time advertised one for $4.99 (excludes Kosher). The line is a lot shorter now that they have competition at that end of the market.

    I thought the point of Costco was to get a 5 lb bag of spinach or a very odd size of peanut butter. Since I have no need for bulk, I don't belong.

    From what you are saying, Costco has a greater cachet than Sam's Club, and I guess all the similar warehouse clubs that went out of business.

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