Another Rhyme for Polar Vortex

(Perceptive commenter ‘jnorto’ wondered after reading  my last post—“A Juggernaut Approaches from the North, or It Can’t Be Winter Yet”— whether there was another rhyme for ‘polar vortex’)


Weather words once esoteric,

E.g. the polar vortex,

Are said as casually by us

As by the wonks, geeks, or techs.

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  • On the last line, I don't think Weather Girl agrees with the comic.

  • Again the loss of Persephone

    an anguished mother, one suspects

    lashes a brutal world, upon me

    so unleashes, the polar vortex.

  • In reply to 4zen:

    Ah, 4zen, I see you've been making the scene at the Hippocrene.

  • A slight cheaty:

    When I get out of the barracks
    this polar vortex
    will freeze my cerebral cortex

  • In reply to jack:

    It doesn't take much to freeze mine.

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