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Fall in My Garden

Welcome to my garden as it girds for a howling Halloween.

Crashing While Not on a Diet?

  NPR News: The world’s largest maker of crash test dummies is making one that is obese. Our engineers in earnest strive To make sure cars are safe to drive. They’re testing them with newer  dummies Who have more stuffing in their  tummies; The fat will live with safer seating. They’ll live to die from... Read more »

Why I'm Not Voting for Bruce Rauner

  Bruce Rauner wants to be the governor of Illinois.  He says he personifies hope.  He can make our economic vista rosy again.  He will not raise taxes. He will, in fact, lower them.  He is the education candidate.  He will work with those on both sides of the aisle.  He will create jobs and... Read more »

A Blogger's Lament: A Triolet

Note: The following came about after reading “The road to ending insomnia—and writer’s block, too”  by Margaret Serious.   I have a case of writer’s block And there is nothing I can do. The minutes tick off on the  clock. I have a case of writer’s block. This psychological gridlock Will not let any thought... Read more »

The Late Dr. Larry Solomon: Someone to Remember

  This may sound like an oxymoron, but I like reading obituaries.  Sounds ghoulish, doesn’t it? But don’t take it that way. It’s just that some people live interesting lives.   When the curtain closes on them,  we, who might otherwise never know the  imprint they made on their time and on  the lives of others,... Read more »

The ! And Nothing But the !

  If something’s strange or out of joint Append the ! Or say  you’re frightened in the dark, How apt the ! For passion, panic , provocation, !’s  the punctuation. One at a time is how to use it. Redundancy might  just abuse it.

Advice to Anyone Contemplating Marriage

  Headline in the Life + Style section of the Sunday Tribune: “Lavish wedding may increase risk of divorce: study” A study shows the more you spend On your wedding speeds its end. Fewer guests and more expense Aren’t good ideas;  hence If you plan on getting hitched Be frugal and  you won’t be ditched.

Knick Stoudemire Aches For Vino

  Sports Item: To soothe his aching body after grueling practices NBA star Amare Stoudemire resorts to ‘vinotherapy’.  He soaks in a hot tub filled with red wine.  It allows him, he asserts, “more circulation in my red blood cells”.   Knicks forward Amare Stoudemire For his health bathes in wine sans attire. Is the... Read more »

Paranoia:The New Normal

  They tell us there’s reason for us to have fear, That  evil is lurking alarmingly near. No matter the area You live in, hysteria In one form or other is bound to appear.  

Why Will Smith and Drugs Don't Mix

    Inside Hollywood: In a recent  interview, 39-year-old Will Smith explained why he never took to recreational drugs: “Through my teenage years I was too focused on sex to even think about any other vices. I’m much the same now. No drugs and only the occasional drink.” I’ve something in common with actor Will... Read more »