"This Place Is a Zoo"---A Libelous Misnomer

Note: I am indebted to ChicagoNow blogger Margaret Laing (a.k.a. Margaret Serious) whose post ”This place is a zoo’ is a compliment not an insult” was the genesis of the following verse.

Some people who don’t have a clue

Might utter “This place is a zoo:”

Although  chaos,  there’s more

On a  stock exchange floor

Where are animals like me and you.

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  • You have given us commentary twice

    In limerick, which we agree can be nice.

    But rhyming and poetry and all of those

    Are pretty hard for us who talk in prose.

    Still, we cheer your search for a new device.

  • First of all, thanks, jnorto, for your very creative critique. What can I say in defense? Only that sometimes light verse seems to be the way to go. Keep cheerin'.

  • Well done, my friend. How nice to know I can inspire poetry.

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