Sunday Football: Dead Man Tackling and Bears Rise from the Dead

Justin Smith, Jay Cutler


It wasn’t pretty most of the time nor a textbook win, but our Bears pulled an upset of the mighty (?) San Francisco 49ers.  The Tribune NFL mavens  had written off the Bears in their weekly reading of the tea leaves.  And just about everyone  agreed with them.

Except the Bears themselves.  They laid back for most of the game and lulled the Niners into a somnolent complacency before taking advantage of penalties and turnovers to spring the comeback victory.

Jay Cutler, all is forgiven.  At least, for the moment.  And, by the way, who was that guy who speared you on the sternum?   You owe him a dinner.

Earlier in the day, the Bears’ Division rival the Vikings lost to the Brady Bunch (a.k.a. New England Patriots).  I watched the game in spurts, but caught this slip of the tongue by play-by-play guy Greg Gumbel.   He described a tackle made by some behemoth defensive lineman by referring to the player as “the late” so and so.  Then immediately brought him back to life with “the veteran” so and so.

Ah, the NFL.  Can you beat it?

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  • I picked the wrong game to miss! Somnolent complacency can be fun, as long as it's not a Chicago team showing it!

  • I discussed the Bears game on some Cubs blog.

    After the Cubs game lost my interest and whatever Fox game was over, I switched over to Fox for the promised 113 lb. class women's ultimate fighting. However, instead of women actually fighting , it was some sort of soap opera about getting into the competition, without any competition. Maybe that's how they get women interested in watching UFC. Then I noted that Green Bay was getting stomped, so I went out for a walk. When I came back about 6:30, I didn't see how Green Bay came back, but I didn't care.

    But I'll reiterate from the other place that the Bears game sure stunk in the first half, not so much that the Bears stunk, but that the officials were doing everything in the world to stop the action.

  • In reply to jack:

    My interest flagged too.

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