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Staying Jung Might Be Just a Coincidence

I’ve written about my encounters with coincidences.  They seem to be regular occurrences in my otherwise predictable existence.  The great psychoanalyst Carl Jung thought they were examples of what he called archetypes, vestiges in our subconscious of our primitive ancestors. Last week, for example,  the brakes on my Mitsubishi Lancer had started to grind,  so... Read more »

"This Place Is a Zoo"---A Libelous Misnomer

Note: I am indebted to ChicagoNow blogger Margaret Laing (a.k.a. Margaret Serious) whose post ”This place is a zoo’ is a compliment not an insult” was the genesis of the following verse. Some people who don’t have a clue Might utter “This place is a zoo:” Although  chaos,  there’s more On a  stock exchange floor... Read more »

Journalism: One Scoop or Two?

  Research note:  The British press release distribution company Pressat funded a study that shows journalists drink more coffee (4 cups a day) than any other profession. Coffee can keep you awake No matter the brand or the make For the 24-7 It can be a great leaven While  you wait for a story to... Read more »

Sunday Football: Dead Man Tackling and Bears Rise from the Dead

  It wasn’t pretty most of the time nor a textbook win, but our Bears pulled an upset of the mighty (?) San Francisco 49ers.  The Tribune NFL mavens  had written off the Bears in their weekly reading of the tea leaves.  And just about everyone  agreed with them. Except the Bears themselves.  They laid... Read more »

Obama Speaks To Us Tonight. Time to Listen and Speak Back.

  Tonight President Obama  will let us in on  what he’s going to do about Isis in Syria.  Yesterday he briefed Congressional leaders .  Now it’s our turn. For the record there has been little  if any  debate in Congress about the possibility of deeper military involvement in Syria or its environs.   Congress, after all, ... Read more »

Why Do We Put Up With All the Huckstering?

  I’m tired of commercial spots, The car ads and the phone ads; I would put down the TV set, But haven’t got the gonads.

On September 6, 1914, the First Battle of the Marne Saved Paris

  One hundred years ago today, the First Battle of the Marne began. Germany had declared war on France back on August 3.  The very next day in response Great Britain did the same on Germany. The Marne is a river that flows into the Seine just north of Paris.  On September 3 the Germans... Read more »

Nancy Writebol and Her Spitting Image

  In March of last year, shortly after Cardinal Jorge Maria Bergoglio of Argentina became Pope Francis I,  I wrote about his  uncanny resemblance to actor Jonathan Pryce who coincidentally portrayed the Argentine dictator Juan Peron in the movie “Evita”.  If one could judge from the response to the post, many readers had also  noticed... Read more »

Andy Avalos: Chicagoland's Coolest Weatherman

  Let me begin by saying I am not Andy Avalos’s agent.  I’ve never met him.  And in what I write here I have no axe to grind.  No parade that needs to escape  the rain. Disclaimer out of the way, I can absolutely claim that  he is Chicagoland’s coolest weatherman, (iso)bar none! I’m not... Read more »