Journalism: One Scoop or Two?


Research note:  The British press release distribution company Pressat funded a study that shows journalists drink more coffee (4 cups a day) than any other profession.

Coffee can keep you awake

No matter the brand or the make

For the 24-7

It can be a great leaven

While  you wait for a story to break.

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  • On the coffee beat, WLS AM cited some British survey that if you drink coffee, then nap for 20 minutes, that gives the brain time to clear out the receptors and let the molecules attach to them, making you much more alert.

    On the other point, I don't think there are any journalists anymore. cf. my comments on Doubting Thomas.

  • Maybe this is the source (!) of all of the reviews and comments in the (other) media about coffee in recent years. After all, when you're hunting for a story, sometimes it's there in front of you!

  • Maybe this explains the huge number of coffee-house reviews and coffee-related stories in the (other) media in recent years. After all, when you look for a story, sometimes it's there on your desk.

  • In reply to 4zen:

    Of course, Daniel J. Flynn has no axe to grind.

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