Andy Avalos: Chicagoland's Coolest Weatherman


Let me begin by saying I am not Andy Avalos’s agent.  I’ve never met him.  And in what I write here I have no axe to grind.  No parade that needs to escape  the rain.

Disclaimer out of the way, I can absolutely claim that  he is Chicagoland’s coolest weatherman, (iso)bar none!

I’m not talking about the accuracy of his forecasts.  We can all agree that forecasting the weather is subject to a degree to the chaos theory, no matter who takes a shot at it.

No, I’m talking about this man’s style.

I usually catch him weekdays early in the morning on the local Channel 5 show.  With Stefan Holt and Zoraida Sambolin who read the news, and Kye Martin who reports on the traffic patterns.

These cohorts are competent enough, but—for me—Andy always steals the show.

It’s not a far reach to think of him as the Cary Grant of meteorologists.  Suave and debonair.  Cultivated and charming.   He never seems to get ruffled or  unhinged but smoothes out the roughest patches of the unexpected on the air.

Cool as a breeze off the lake.

I don’t mean to dismiss other appealing types who stand before the weather maps each day.   Steve Baskerville comes to mind.  And Mike Caplan.   And who doesn’t admire  Tom Skilling’s passionate presentations?  But none quite measure up in coolness to Andy Avalos.

The other morning he ended a segment with the phrase “autumnal air mass” which he delivered with his characteristic dulcet tones.  When the screen shifted to the traffic and Kye Martin, she repeated the phrase with obvious awe of Avalos.  And smilingly  said she wasn’t  so intelligent to say something similar.   It was, in a way, indicative of her respect.  And recognition of Avalos’s je ne sais quoi.  Call it elegance. Whatever it is, it endows him with a charisma that elevates him to the status of cool.

Al Roker eat your heart out!





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  • Well put... but is his metaphorical cool distracting from his reports on the literal cool?

  • I could use some of that literal cool today. If your question was not just rhetorical, then suffice it to say I'm a believer.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Nope, it wasn't just rhetorical.

  • I'm more into the ones who left Channel 5.1, especially Ginger Zee, now ABC head meteorologist.

  • I think Tom Skilling has made weather cool---not only with his forecasts and explanations--he hosts the Fermilab Severe Weather Seminar in April and acts as "ambassador" of weather at schools and other public events.

  • In reply to Weather Girl:

    Well, yes -- but you've made weather "cool" here!

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