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Bruce Rauner, You Can Run But You Can't Hide

    We all know about that American Dream stuff.  Horatio Alger can be you.  The trouble is it doesn’t  work for the vast majority of us. And when it does for that  lucky few (and don’t fool yourself, luck has a lot to do with it), the other side of the coin, the Common... Read more »

Czar Nicholas II Rap

  Last night I went to bed about 10 p.m.   A hour and a half later I got up with an upset stomach.  Took something for it and turned on the TV.  On CBS a commercial had just ended and the announcer for Letterman returned with the following:  “He was highfalutin. A friend of Rasputin.... Read more »

Research May Show Why Santa Claus Hasn't Lost His Marbles

  From a Newsmax-health report : Medical investigators from the University of Oxford have found that people in their 80s are 22 % less likely to develop dementia. [Nick Tate] A  new British  study now  seemingly shows Less chance of dementia with more adipose. So  octogenarians, with irony fraught, May be heavy in body and... Read more »

Trending Is For Sheep

  One thing that I’m not comprehending Is why someone should care about trending. I think it absurd To be part of a herd And to wander wherever it’s tending.

For Lexophiles(or Lexiphiles) Only: Ten Original Contributions

(Many Thanks to Dennis Byrne whose post “For Lexophiles Only” was the prompt for the following.)   1, When the police turned the screws on the book thief,  he began to speak volumes. 2. The horse whisperer was ordered off the ranch.  His services were  not allowed. 3. A wife accused her husband of having... Read more »

Synchronicity and an Elephant Named Bauer

    I’ve written before on my blog about uncanny coincidences, those  random events close in time that are so aptly connected that they seem to be providential.  The famous psychoanalyst Carl Jung wrote a book about them. He called them synchronicities. They were, in his words, “temporally connected occurrences of acausal events.” Jung thought... Read more »

"Magic in the Moonlight" Is Fun for Everyone Who's Ever Fallen in Love

  We finally caught up with seeing “Magic in the Moonlight”, Woody Allen’s latest flim. And in any light, we can testify, it is truly a magical experience. We—my wife, Julie, I, and her mom, Helen—found it delightfully engaging from start to finish.  We loved it so much we didn’t want it to end. I... Read more »

Motorman, Is That a Bedbug on My Seat?

FYI: “A video circulating on social media purportedly shows bedbugs on a CTA rail car, but the CTA is denying any sight of them.”  Tracy Swartz @tracyswartz l RedEye   I’ve been reading a blogger who tells That there may be bedbugs on the ELs. Will cimex lectularius Make it just too precarious To commute... Read more »

Reflections on the Passing of Robin Williams

  How do you make heads or tails of Robin Williams’s death? The news of it came like a ton of bricks.  It seemed, like all things we love,  he would last forever. And he would ease our burdens by making us laugh in so many ways. He was genius personified.  And the rare comedian... Read more »

Clerical Cuss Words: A Limerick

    (Inspired by ChicagoNow Blogger Margaret Serious. Specifically by her post “Some Curious Things about the Word ‘Curious'”)   There once was a curious curate Who suffered from what is called Tourette. It made his flock nervous When at Sunday service He’d curse Father, Son, and the Spirit.