A "Good Eating" Tip From the Tribune


(The following verse is based on the article “Forgotten fruit” in today’s Chicago Tribune’s ‘Good Eating’  section.)

A stone  fruit we don’t eat a lot

Is the forgotten apricot.

In supermarkets we will reach

For every cherry, plum, or peach

But seldom do we save a spot

In diets for the  apricot.

Those  chefs who think this rather queer

Say apricots look good this year.

They’re healthy, sweet, and versatile

In salads, smoked, or on the grill.

So while the days are long and hot

Let’s not forget the apricot.



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  • I eat apricots. Some years ago, Fresh Farms market had apricots the size of softballs, but I have not seen them since.

    At least until now this year, the only place that has had good peaches is Joe Caputo's, the rest of the markets have peaches that are too small or under ripe. A good peach should slobber the hand.

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