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A Case of Semantics (My Apologies to ChicagoNow Blogger, Margaret Serious)

  Is it “nauseous”or just  “nauseating”? Both indicate something one’s hating. The object most foul? Its  effect on  your bowel? Which one is which I’m still debating.  

Imagining If the Dinosaurs Had Lived On: A Reply to a Dennis Byrne Query.

    According to science an  asteroid All of the dinosaurs destroyed. But what if,  by chance, they survived somehow? Then you  wouldn’t be around asking this now.

Philip Seymour Hoffman Dazzles in "A Most Wanted Man"

  My wife, her mom, and I made a rare visit to a movie theater yesterday.  The stars, I guess, must have been  in perfect alignment . I  did the usual groundwork, investigating  the offerings at the local big-screen emporiums. My first choice, Woody Allen’s “Magic in the Moonlight”,  wasn’t available  at the usual places. ... Read more »

Remembering Maya Angelou During National Hot Dog Month

“I love a Hebrew National hot dog with an ice-cold Corona. No lime. If the phone rings, I can’t answer until I’m done.” [Maya Angelou]   Some relish the legs of a frog With a chardonnay as a prologue. But Miss Angelou Liked a Mexican brew, Hold the lime, with a kosher hot dog.

How Well Do You Know The Movies of Jimmy Stewart? Take These Scenic Views and Find Out.

Jimmy Stewart was one of our most beloved actors. He made close to 80 films. Many of them cinematic  treasures. He was absolutely inimitable. Can you identify each of the following of his movies with its  telltale  scene? If you get them all, you deserve to be honorary president of the Jimmy Stewart Fan Club. ... Read more »

What Song Punctuated Your Romance?

  “If music be the food of love, play on,”  wrote Shakespeare in “Twelfth Night”.     The  Bard probably knew from experience how passion is nourished by sweet sounds. Most lovers have a signature song that whenever it’s  heard later in life will rekindle memories of the beginnings of their romance. Our song is “Misty”.  The... Read more »

National Hot Dog Day Stirs Up Some Memories

  Today is National Hot Dog Day.   Of  this,  Peter Bella, the Cooking Cop, reminds us on the ChicagoNow circuit.  Peter reverentially says he’s going to celebrate the occasion by….drum roll please….eating a hot dog. I imagine somewhere on this day there will be or has already been  a joyous  Hot Dog Parade.   With... Read more »

It's Always Good to Have the Last Word. See If You Do by Taking This Test on Hamlet.

William Shakespeare’s Hamlet is considered by many the greatest play ever written.  Many of its lines have become embedded in the collective memory of readers around the world.  It is no exaggeration to say that recognizing them is an indication of one’s cultural literacy.  How well can you complete each of the following quotations culled... Read more »

Bruce Rauner's Idea of Tax Reform

  Bruce Rauner says he wants to raise The FICA  and Medicare taxes. Though he hasn’t  paid either one these days As he counts what he saves and relaxes.

Senator McCain Slips On The Dogs of War

  Rattling his  sabers, McCain Is now itching   to fight in Ukraine. He likes nothing more Than another bad war, Repetition of which is insane.