Thoughts on a Vegan Way of Life


We should all eat more veggies and fruit

And eat less of the fowl and brute,

But old habits die hard

So my diet’s still marred

By a burger with bacon to boot.

Postscript: This post marks a milestone for this blogger. It is my 1000th. Thanks for reading on the way here.

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  • Congratulations on your 1000th post Aquinas, and thanx for the lively discussions!

    Don't worry about the fowl, brute or that good looking cheeseburger, just ditch the bun. It's the grains that will wreck you.

  • 4zen's last sentence was debated between Bob and Marianne this afternoon, in a discussion on gluten free, where Bob basically said that he doesn't understand why Marianne only serves hamburgers without the buns.

    Personally, I found out that I am greaseburger intolerant (I don't know if that's for real, but my colon doesn't seem to take it). I make sure that I buy a lot on the produce stand at the various produce markets that are now "sprouting up" where Dominick's used to be, and eat more fresh fish, but also believe there is as reason we are carnivores.

    Anyway, I might of mentioned that my nephew was on The Price is Right when everyone in the audience won a $250 Omaha Steaks gift certificate, and I asked what his girlfriend was going to do with it, since she's a vegan.

    The other thing I remember was a restaurant (now out of business) had an Atkins menu, and I asked the waitress "do they still put out the bread basket," to which the answer was yes.

  • Congratulations and thanks for a wonderful and/or wondrous collection of posts. Whether they're poetry or not, they're never prosaic!

  • Congrats on 1000. Someday, when a shepherd boy finds these posts stuffed down an old milk bottle, your posts will be recognized as containing the most wit and a wide variety of subjects, and you will be a museum piece for sure.

    Regarding the pyramid, it IS amazing how much the ancient Egyptians knew about diet. Is that the same one I saw carved into the temple at Karnak?

    When you are ready for transfer to the next life, I am hoping that you are buried with at least an ipad and that hamburger, so that you can continue to amuse and educate.

  • Congratulations on 1000 posts, AW. A masterful achievement.

    May you continue to delight and inspire, entertain and educate us in your always lively postings. Thank you!

    Speaking of the Egyptians, it was sugar that caused their dental problems, it seems...

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