Rauner for Governor? It Doesn't Ad Up.


If you haven’t seen a Bruce Rauner campaign ad for governor, you’re either living in a cave or should be. Rauner’s political spots seem to run in an endless loop.

There’s one with his wife and dog and it’s hard to tell which one is his best friend. Neither seems interested in biting the  hand that feeds it.

Another ad has an Afro-American woman, a former public school teacher, principal, and administrator,  who bears witness to Rauner’s commitment to education.  I guess making personal gain, i.e. profit, from charter schools is indisputable proof that a billionaire unequivocably supports public education. Especially a billionaire whose moral code does not include a tax increase of any kind.

Then there’s the political endorsement I saw for the umpteenth time early this morning shortly  after sunrise.  (Proving  Rauner is adept at matutinal  brainwashing.)

This ad is evidently meant to sway the  Hispanic vote.  It features Manny Sanchez  who says he co-chaired Latinos for Obama.  Now, in the public interest,  he has seen the light and is backing  Rauner— because Illinois is going in the “wrong direction”.  I suppose  Manny who  probably voted for Governor Quinn,  has gotten a better compass.

Here is the peroration to Manny’s appeal for Rauner allegiance: “We need to have a leader who’s honest, who’s fresh and who’s wiling to tell the people, whether they want to hear it or not, the truth. And that’s what Bruce Rauner brings to the race.”

Honest ? Wasn’t there something about nursing homes that Manny has forgotten to mention? Fresh? Like a crisp treasury bill?

And the bit about telling the truth?  People who vote without caring about the truth?  Isn’t that why we have the politicians we have?

Besides, someone should remind  Manny that if  you have to assure the voters that your candidate is telling the truth,  then,  if you ever have him over for dinner, count the silverware when he leaves.


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  • Well, we already know that the current incumbent is an inept, crooked liar, might as well give this guy a shot since he is saying what fiscal conservatives want to hear.

    If he doesn't do what he says we vote him out, unlike the ticks that have been buried in there for the last 20-40 years.

  • Thanks for reading, 4zen. OK, 'inept' maybe apt, but 'crooked liar'? I take it you have the goods on him? And what is exhibit A?

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Probably,. unlike Blago, not smart enough to be crooked, but certainly a LIAR. For instance, what is the gas bag going to do to try to convince at least 27 Democratic House members that a temporary tax increase shouldn't be temporary?

    The fop had 4 years after getting a lame duck session to pass the tax increase to get the state's finances in order, and to do something about economic development so that Illinois was not last in the Midwest in this regard, but hasn't. Instead, he thinks economic development is not only rebating corporate income tax, but rebating to the corporations their employee's withholding tax, without any guarantee of creating new jobs.

    We discussed earlier that it was actually the members of the pension funds who invested in venture capital that killed your grandma in the nursing home. Not even the union PAC found it worthwhile to continue that line of advertising, but it apparently brainwashed you.

  • In reply to jack:

    Jack, Rauner, in the very least, has not been forthcoming and transparent about the nursing home story. According to Doug Ibendahl, former General Counsel of the Illinois Republican Party, :Rauner still refuses to explain with any specificity his role and that of his former firm[ GTCR] in the nursing home industry. Similarly, Rauner has yet to tell voters to what extent he may have personally profited from nursing home industry investments in the years prior to the ruin of TransHealthcare, Inc. and other vehicles."

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    "Personally profited" doesn't mean that he managed the nursing homes, nor that the hedge fund invested at the time the management allegedly did that stuff.

    I'll go back to a George Will column I previously cited elsewhere, which said:

    Since 2000, the Teachers' Retirement System, Illinois' largest pension program, has invested $120 million with GTCR and reaped an average annual return of 25 percent, much better than TRS' other private-equity investments. For Karen Lewis, head of the Chicago Teachers Union, it suffices to say that Rauner is a "millionaire capitalist." He replies, "Teachers hired me for years." Public pension funds are by far the largest funders of private equity firms.

    So, while I'm sure George Will is not your political cup of tea, I'm sure it can be verified whether GTCR made that rate of return for the state teacher's pension fund (which doesn't include CTU). If so, the pension fund profited from investments in nursing homes.

    Since my former employer cashed out my retirement plan, I have it in all sorts of mutual funds. Those returned about 27% last year. Do I have to check whether the mutual fund managers were profiteering, or I profited because they made investments in thousands of companies, some of which you might not approve?

    Totally preposterous.

    In the meantime, Quinn definitely is trying to stick his hand deeper into my pocket, while lying about it.

    I know I am not going to convince you how to vote, and you are not going to convince me how to vote, but it is going to take proof that Rauner is doing something like masturbating a border collie is a public park before I am not going to vote for any opponent of that demonstrated liar Quinn.

  • In reply to jack:

    Jack, I appreciate your opinion and I get where you're coming from. Perhaps, The TRS should look more closing what the manager of its funds is doing with them. But its responsibility, though clear, is indirect. Rauner had a direct responsibility to know about the particular investments of his company. He knows it and that's why he doesn't discuss it.

    As for voting, I've said it before, that very often the choice is between two evils and one has to do his best to determine which is the lesser of the two.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Maybe there is an issue that Stu Levine was involved with TRS, but other than that, its only responsibility is to assure a return for its members, especially if a certain return level is an assumption behind whether it is adequately funded.

    Maybe to put it on your and 4zen's level, maybe Quinn has convinced himself that he is the second coming of Christ, but he is not. Considering the evil that has consistently run Illinois since the days of Jim Edgar (and I don't just mean financial corruption, but total corruption of the democratic process), I go along with 4zen that it is time to try something else, at least for the next 4 years to see if it works.

    If nothing else, someone has to stand up to Madigan, who, if we believe current news reports, either needs diversionary legislation to save the Democrats, or has gone completely insane.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    If you need evidence that Quinn is merely a posturing fool, ask him what he did to get the recommendations of his Illinois Reform Commission, headed by Patrick Collins, enacted? Official site.

    Or the Fitzgerald Transit Task Force, which at least found that governance here was a complete and total mess? Or is he going along with that because Forrest Claypool said it was dead, it is dead, and the problem was solved because a couple of people resigned at Metra?

    At least Rauner put support behind the petition drive for term limits.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    As Jack said, he lied about the income tax, amongst lies in general about getting this state in shape. The crooked comment was more for effect, as well as an obvious physical description.

  • Also, if you want Exhibit A, how about Careen Gordon, and other examples of Quinn pro Quo appointments that suddenly happened when lame duck legislators voted for the tax increase, listed here?

  • In reply to jack:

    Sorry, some problem with the link; I'll try again.

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