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On the Subject of Pain

  I have low tolerance for pain. There, I’ve said it. Doctors have told me just the opposite.  But I don’t believe them. The subject of pain hit me the other day when my son Jeff had to get  a scan for a sore sole. He stepped the wrong way but didn’t know how or ... Read more »

How Should a Catholic Evangelize? Let Me Tell Ya.

  How do you evangelize? asks one ChicagoNow blogger, a convert to Catholicism.  Should you talk doctrine and  cite  Biblical passages? She thinks not. The best way, she says, (if I understand her) of delivering the Good News is to model it.  I couldn’t agree more. I was born and raised a Roman Catholic.  And... Read more »

Countries in the News: How Well Do You Know Them? Take This Test and See.

  A recent Washington Post poll showed that only 1 out of every 6 Americans can locate Ukraine on the map(see above).  The median respondent was about 1800 miles off. How well do you know your world geopraphy? Take the following quiz and find out. Listed below, in alphabetical order,  are 18 countries mentioned in... Read more »

On Turtles, Vernon Hills, and Senator McConnell

  It may or may  not be a case of using their reptilian brains,  but the  good people of Vernon Hills—about 38 miles by car north of Chicago—-are putting up signs to warn drivers about turtle pedestrians. Vernon Hills is home to the Half-Day Forest Preserves in Lake County. It’s all of 7.92 square miles... Read more »

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

  Spring has a full head of steam. And Mother’s Day beckons. For a vast number  of us,  it’s a perfect intersection. Mothers and Spring. Nature’s way of affirming “Life!” So to all moms, “Happy Mother’s Day!”  Especially to my Mom whose memory I will affectionately honor this coming Sunday.  Bernice Partacz, nee Babula.  She... Read more »

What's Your Element I.Q. Take This Quiz and Find Out.

  Here’s a short quiz to test your knowledge of the Periodic Table. If you get more than 7 right your element I.Q. has bragging rights. Otherwise, it’s time to brush up by consulting (as I did) “The Elements” by Theodore Grey. Good Luck!   1. Only Oxygen occurs in a larger quantity than this... Read more »

A Glowing Review of "The Sound of Music"

  Our coterie of theatergoers—6 of us, 3 cousins and their wives—had been waiting for this moment for over six months. When the curtain opened at the Civic Opera House  at the  Wednesday matinee, the moment finally arrived. We were swiftly transported to an abbey near the Austrian Alps. Where the nuns were chanting a... Read more »

Want To Learn Japanese? Try This.

  When I was teaching at the junior high level, I had my students keep a quote notebook. Every day, their first order of business was to enter the day’s quotation written on the chalkboard. They followed a very simple template. Date, quote, author. As an example, let me give one of my favorites that... Read more »

Living With Bruce Rauner

  Have you seen a Bruce Rauner political ad on TV yet?   If you’re anything like me, you’ve seen dozens of them by now. And I don’t watch as much TV as many do. Rauner’s avalanche of media propaganda just might put him in the Governor’s mansion in Springfield.  Now a  mansion for someone like... Read more »