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Test Your Literary I.Q.: Can You Link the Novel With Its Second Sentence?

  Quiz masters like to give an opening sentence and  have you identify the novel.  But the second sentence may be equally suggestive of its provenance. Can you match the following second sentence to its novel? If you get all ten, you are second to none. Answers are in Roman numerals and  follow a pregnant... Read more »

Hello, My Name Is Kate. Are You Looking At My Bum?

  Nothing is sacred in this day and age We live in a kind of Gomorrah and Sodom When sex permeates every picture and page And newspapers show us the Duchess’s bottom.

Advice To Graduates in 10 Easy Steps

  Now is the time of year when everybody and his grandmother are giving advice to graduates.  So why shouldn’t I ? What follows are 10 bits of advice from the  quotes I had my students record at the outset of every school day. 1, “If you have knowledge, let others light their candles at... Read more »

Rauner for Governor? It Doesn't Ad Up.

  If you haven’t seen a Bruce Rauner campaign ad for governor, you’re either living in a cave or should be. Rauner’s political spots seem to run in an endless loop. There’s one with his wife and dog and it’s hard to tell which one is his best friend. Neither seems interested in biting the ... Read more »

An Ode to a Feathered Friend

  [“Are not 5 sparrows sold for two pennies? And not one of them is overlooked by God.”  Luke 12:7]   On the streets of the city both wide and the narrow The bird I most frequently see is the sparrow. No matter what time it is Whatever the climate is, The sight and the... Read more »

Pat Sajak Tweets Twaddle

  Nobody would mistake Pat Sajak for an scientist of any sort, let alone an expert on climate change. So why on Twitter is  Mr. Wheel of Fortune  weighing in on such a serious issue? Here is what Mr. Sajak tweeted yesterday that has raised this question. “I now believe global warming alarmists are unpatriotic... Read more »

On Pope Francis and the Baptism of Martians

  Was Pope Francis pulling our legs last Monday when he said he would baptize a Martian? It is a hypothetical, of course.  His point was that the Church is inclusive and will not turn away any who sincerely seek redemption.  A very kind, noble,  and compassionate gesture, to be sure. And consistent with the... Read more »

What a Little Birdie Told Me That I Knew All the Time

    I envy birders. Those  stalwart stouthearted sorts  who scour  the highways and byways, the woods and the wetlands—and just about everywhere else— lurking in the brush, stalking to the limits of  patience just to  catch a glance at some bird.  It’s a fascinating hobby, but, without a doubt, unbelievably challenging too.   I... Read more »

All In The Family: Solange Takes The Rap

  A disclaimer to begin: I don’t have my ear to the ground of pop culture. I have no way of detecting  the tremors of a   tabloid story as it becomes breaking news. Case in point: Solange Knowles. A few days ago I didn’t know (or care) who she was.  Now a scuffle in... Read more »

It's Open Season On Hillary

  Hillary hasn’t thrown her chapeau into the 2016 campaign ring yet and already the Republicans are in panic mode. That’s really what the  Benghazi witch hunt is all about.  Forget about Obamacare. The GOP has lost on that one.  Besides Obama’s a lame duck.  But Hillary’s in aerial ascent. And fair game for the... Read more »