All In The Family: Solange Takes The Rap

Revealed: Luxury hotel The Standard has now fired an employee who was paid $250,000 for video of Solange Knowles attacking Jay Z


A disclaimer to begin: I don’t have my ear to the ground of pop culture. I have no way of detecting  the tremors of a   tabloid story as it becomes breaking news.

Case in point: Solange Knowles. A few days ago I didn’t know (or care) who she was.  Now a scuffle in an elevator and I’ve heard her name more the last few days  than I’ve heard  the names of  some  relatives over the last  ten years.  She happens to be the sister of  mega pop star—‘galaxy’ would be more accurate— the singer Beyonce.

If that doesn’t enlighten you, you’re worse off than me.

Yes, for who has  escaped the 24-7 coverage of this  notorious encounter?  Its video went viral a split second after   it was leaked to TMZ.  And it has flooded the media pipelines since . That’s the nature of the beast.

Now, why would any woman attack her sister’s husband after leaving an elegant soiree like the Met Ball?  The annual gala of the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Just typing the last sentence makes me want to put on a tophat and tails and look for my Fred Astaire cane.

But it happened. Solange is seen on the  video physically assaulting her brother-in-law, the rapper Jay Z, whom, I imagine, even members of the most primitive tribes on the Amazon must have heard of and perhaps even wear a T-shirt bearing his likeness.

I can’t give you any background for this irrational act. No one’s really talking.  Except for the PR spin. “We love each other, and, above all, we are family.”

I’m glad there are no hard feelings.  And that family values have  prevailed.

But when the three participants in this pop culture drama left the tony hotel after the incident,  Beyonce and her sister departed in one taxi, and Jay Z in another.

I don’t know what the repercussions of this sordid episode might be.  But in the pop culture universe, publicity seldom is a bad thing.



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  • Yeah, that 'three's company' line used to get me in a lot of trouble too...

  • Ask any Kardashian and any basketball player.

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