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Whither the Wind? An April Poem.

The wind can be gentle, A lover’s caress. The wind can turn violent, A madman, no less. It can whisper softly. At times, can be still. And then, for no reason, In rage, it can kill.

On Behalf of National Poetry Month: "Springtime in Chicago"

  Spring is here! The buds are breaking Open on the trees and shrubs. All the world Is fresh and  new again Except the same old Cubs.

Two New Saints in Rome. But We Have Our Saints Too. Can You Name These Saintly Cities?

  How holy are you? Geographically, that is. Take the following quiz and see.  Match the American city named after a saint with its description.  If you get at least five right, you are a ‘Servant of God’. 10 right = ‘Venerable’. 15 right=’Blessed’. And with a perfect score, you earn your canonization and become... Read more »

Adding A New Acronym to the Baseball Lexicon

Never before has baseball had so many acronyms to keep track of.  It’s enough to give any  fan a brain cramp. When I was young and baseball suffused my summer days,  I could rattle off  HR, SO, BB, IP,  RBI, ERA. 1B, 2B, 3B, E, and a handful of other statistical shortcuts. But nowadays, sabermetrics... Read more »

How I Got Vertigo From Sean Hannity's Spin On Cliven Bundy

  I made sure I caught Sean Hannity on Fox last night.  I expected to see him eat crow over the Cliven Bundy misstep. That is, Crow with a Jim before it. Hannity had promoted the misguided sovereign citizen Bundy who was defying the Federal government over grazing fees on its land. Understand, that’s land... Read more »

Is It Shakespeare (King Lear) or the Bible (Book of Psalms)? Test Your Wits.

It’s the day after Shakespeare’s 450th  birthday, or is it?  Fact is his day of birth is pure  conjecture. Based on baptismal records, as I seem to recall.  So consider taking  the following quiz  a way to commemorate the Bard’s Aprilish birthday. I must admit that the following quiz is a knock-off.   Kudos to ChicagoNow ... Read more »

Prickly City: Carmen and Winslow Will Be Better Off With Obamacare. Wait and See.

  I came upon the comic strip above—Prickly City— in this morning’s Tribune.  It’s clever, no doubt.  And I like  its satirical edge.  Packs a punch. Of course,  its main target is the Affordable Care Act.   But it manages to incorporate some sharp thrusts at  the overreach of drones and the pandemic snooping of the... Read more »

Verse Inspired by the Blog "Celebrate Earthday: Kill an Animal and Eat It" by Rick Bohning

  Consider, friends, the humble cow Who’s fed for our consumption corn That’s sprayed with chemicals from Dow So we could have milk in the morn.  

What a Man Can Learn While Waiting for His Mother-in-law

  I was sitting today in the waiting room of one of those off-campus medical buildings  every hospital seems to have. My  mother-in-law was in for some blood work. It wasn’t going to be long. There were so  few people in the vicinity to attract  attention that I reflexively looked around for some magazine to... Read more »

Who's the Cubs' Closer Now?

So far the poor Cubbies  have taken a hosing Because of a problem that’s rather imposing. They tried Jose Veras Of whom they now spare us. But who will succeed him? I’m asking, in closing.