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Joseph Priestley: Jefferson Said His Was "One of the Few Lives Precious to Mankind".

Born today was Joseph Priestley, Dissenter, he was treated beastly, Yet  to  ID oxygen was able, The 8th on the Periodic table. Priestley was a product of the Enlightenment, a genius far ahead of his time. He was one of the founders  of utilitarianism, which said that morality is based on  the greatest happiness for... Read more »

Captain Kidd: King of Pirates

Born today was Captain Kidd. This  legendary pirate hid His gold  on isles with sundry coves. Some still search for  his treasure troves. “[Richard Knight] hired a small fishing boat and navigated by the stars until he hit land. At first light he tied up the vessel and made his way across the island with... Read more »

Marcel Marceau: His Silence Was Golden

Today was born Marcel Marceau Master mime from head to toe. He spoke of life, sad or absurd And uttered not a single word. Marceau was also adept at printmaking. Above is his ‘Bip at Night’.   I leave you with words of wisdom from the great Marceau. And I quote him verbatim: ”                                                                                             “.

Johann Sebastian Bach: "He Lived But To Worship God and To Write Music."

Today’s the birthday of J.S. Bach Who wrote sacred music for a Lutheran flock. Among the Baroque there wasn’t one savvier. His most famous work is the “Well-Tempered Clavier”. “In writing his monumental ‘Well-Tempered Clavier’ Bach once again wanted to create music that would help his wife and children learn to play the keyboard instruments.... Read more »

B.F. Skinner: Behavioral Psychologist Who Thought Outside the Box

  Born today was B.F. Skinner Who served rats in a box a dinner. They learned that if they  hit a lever They could dine on food forever. “It is a surprising fact that those who object most violently to the manipulation of behaviour nevertheless make the most vigorous effort to manipulate minds.” ― B.F.... Read more »

William Jennings Bryan: Creationism's War-Horse

Born today? William Jennings Bryan. Who could whip up a crowd without even tryin’. More storied than even his elocution: His mossback defense of evolution. “The issue is plain: The Evolutionists intend, through our tax-supported schools, to change our Bible and our religion. A prominent Evolutionist has put it plainly: “We intend, first, to reconstruct... Read more »

John C. Calhoun: His View of Government Resonates with the GOP

  Born today?  John C. Calhoun. Who thought states’ rights a real boon. His stubborn stance  on nullification Resulted in slavery’s annihilation. “The theory of nullification is based on the concept that the States are the final decision-makers when it comes to the limits of the federal government. The theory indicated that the federal laws... Read more »

Nat King Cole: No One Sang a Love Song Like Him

Born today was Nat King Cole Whose vocals evoked a  romantic glow. Who else  has  phrased a melody As crisp and   clearly  as did  he? On a personal note, during my college days, when I commuted to De Paul’s northside campus, I’d come home, put on the above album, crash on the sofa   and... Read more »

General John Pope: One of Lincoln's Revolving-Door Commanders

Today’s birthday?  John Pope’s. One of Abe’s generals, one of his hopes. At Second Bull Run  he did not  score a ‘V’, Smashed into  Stonewall, and Longstreet,  and  Lee.    

Andrew Jackson: A la Rand Paul, He Would Not Be a Fan of Federal Reserve

Born today was Andrew Jackson Who,  some  might say, with all the facts in, Was a president of the first rank. Not the least for opposing a National Bank. “Every man is equally entitled to protection by law; but when the laws undertake to add… artificial distinctions, to grant titles, gratuities, and exclusive privileges, to... Read more »