Nat King Cole: No One Sang a Love Song Like Him

Born today was Nat King Cole

Whose vocals evoked a  romantic glow.

Who else  has  phrased a melody

As crisp and   clearly  as did  he?

On a personal note, during my college days, when I commuted to De Paul’s northside campus, I’d come home, put on the above album, crash on the sofa   and be  rapt in the mellow sounds of the great Mr. Cole. He was absolutely the best at putting me  in a heightened amorous  mode.  I played this album till the grooves went south. And one song in particular has haunted me through the years and never fails to stoke the embers of emotion: “Return to Paradise”. Even as I write this, I hear Nat singing, “Come with me, my love, across the sea, Return to Paradise. Come with me and find your peace of mind, Return to Paradise,” … and I want to go to a travel agency (with my wife, of course) and get two one-way tickets.


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  • Hmmm... a clue to your poetic abilities, perhaps? Thanks for the personal touch.
    (P.S. Can't find my way back to Copernicus' birthday today, but you were right on target with the book you found after I mentioned it. I hope you'll enjoy it.)

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