Are Boehner and Ryan Catholics in Name Only?


John Boehner and Paul Ryan are both baptized Roman Catholics. They sure don’t act like it.  The template of virtue for Catholics, as for all Christians,  has always been the teachings of Jesus.  And Jesus, if nothing else, was an advocate for the poor.  I don’t know of  any place in the New Testament where the rich and the comfortable are put on a pedestal.   No, Jesus was partial to the least in society. We call it compassion.

It has been said by the wisest of God’s children that a society will be judged by how it treats its most vulnerable.  This principle resonates with Pope Francis who has focused on the call of Christ to relieve poverty and distress.   By this touchstone,  a nation can  make an examination of conscience. Does it  take away food stamps from children who are starving?  Does it  deny medical care to the sick?  Does it neglect the elderly, the homeless?  Does it welcome the stranger, the immigrant, into its land?  Does it imprison those who least deserve it? Do its priorites revolve around the privileged or the poor?  These are not political questions. These are moral questions.

Mr. Boehner and Mr. Ryan, I don’t think we’re reading the same Bible.  Maybe yours was edited by the Koch Brothers.

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  • I'm sure that Jesus endorsed the Inquisition, too (article today that Spain may repent after 522 years, and some Facebook comment complaining about that).

    Of course the argument can be made that whatever religion Quinn is is so going to bankrupt the state that it won't even be good for the poor who depend on his largess. And then you have the Pope of the Tribune in the right pane and some other Facebook foamers who complain about the false Catholic politicians who are in favor of birth control and similar stuff.

  • In reply to jack:

    The Inquisition is a good example of why politics and religion are not good bedfellows.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Which probably comes down to what Pope Francis actually told President Obama yesterday. I doubt that it was "Presence Hospital System provides adequate health care itself to all its non-Catholic minimum wage employees." Is there an equivalent word to gentile for the term I tried to coin?

  • In reply to jack:

    Jack, good to hear from you. If you mean 'non-Catholic', that's the only term I know of. I'd like to think we are beyond sectarianism and proselytizing. They create more problems than they solve. We are all members of the Human Family, with the responsibility for preserving our home, the Earth, and for prudently coexisting with our fellow creatures.

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