Levi Strauss: First Name In Pants

Levi Strauss

Born today was Levi Strauss

Whose pants are worn around the house.

And if the  husband is a mouse,

They’re  probably worn by his spouse.


“In 1872, a Nevada tailor named Jacob Davis asked Strauss to join him in a business venture. He had added metal rivets to the pockets of denim pants, making them less likely to rip at the seams. Seeing the value of the rivets, Strauss agreed to work with Davis. The next year, Strauss’s company sold its first blue denim pants with rivets, the original Levi’s blue jeans. The pants also featured two rows of V-shaped orange stitching on the back pockets, so customers could easily pick out Strauss’s jeans. That “V” is still used on Levi’s.” [lee.com]


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  • Most sources indicate that Strauss started with pants for gold miners in California around 1853, but didn't transition to denim and rivets until the time you indicated.

    One source states that "the company's slogan in 1900 was 'For Men Who Toil' " Apparently, it took about another 75 years for it to change to "women who want tight booty," as depicted. I remember a woman about then saying "you men can get jeans anywhere, but I can't."

  • In reply to jack:

    Thanks, Jack, for adding to the fabric of the post.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    And the warp and weft of history. ;-)

  • Truly a timeless garment, too---everyone from kids to grandmas can find a pair of Levis

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