John Deere: Nothing Runs Like His Legacy

File:John Deere portrait.jpg

Today’s the birthday of John Deere.

In America’s drama a ground-breaking actor.

Farmers still  swear that there isn’t  a peer

To his practical plow or his trademark green  tractor.

[8R/8RT Series Tractor]

Personal note: This entry in my series of birthday commemorations is especially for my son-in-law Nate Higgins who grew up on a farm in Alexis, Illinois and is a confirmed,  dyed-in-the wool,  Deere lover.  Not so surprising since Alexis is only 34.75 miles from Moline, where John Deere & Co has its headquarters.


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  • So when is Case New Holland's birthday?

  • In reply to jack:

    As a man of cultivation, Jack, I thought you knew. Just in case you really don't, it's December 11. BTW, his first name was Jerome.

  • That's an impressive portrait--and a mighty fine tractor, too.

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