Jack Benny: 39 Forever!


This is the birthday of  Jack Benny

Who reputedly  saved his very first penny.

Though his violin playing was rather discordant,

In the annals of humor  he’s  soundly important.

“Last night Jack Benny played Mendelssohn. Mendelssohn lost.” [Isaac Stern]


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  • So glad the comments are back so I can thank you for this wonderful post! Love Jack Benny. Truly a comic genius.

  • I second that about comments, Weather Girl! Somehow, though, I think Mr. Benny would enjoy the idea of his birthday celebration even being discussed a bit late!

    "Jackson" is my favorite among comedians... believe it or not, because I love music, not in spite of it! His most famous moment, after all, is what amounts to the musical "rests" between "Your money or your life?" and "I'm thinking it over!" Such timing is definitely musical!

  • Thanks, MargaretSerious for your insight. I've never thought of that analogy. Benny was one of a kind. Wherever he is, he must be flattered by all his imitators, Johnny Carson being one of the best of them.

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