Enrico Caruso: Great Italian Tenor With the "Orchid-lined Voice"

Caruso as the Duke

Born today Enrico Caruso

Great tenors like him there have been just few so.

La Donna e Mobile was one of his staples.

Once being booed he stopped singing in Naples.

“It was in 1901, the year of his greatest success at La Scala, when Caruso suffered his cruelest blow.  The audience he most wanted to please, in his native Naples, hissed and booed him openly.  He was stunned.  “I will never come to Naples to sing again,” he vowed.” [Joe Curreri, gmmy.com]

And he never did sing  again in Naples, his birthplace, but did die there in a hotel while en route to Rome for an operation. His mausoleum [picture below] is in Naples.

[Caruso’s self-caricature]


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