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Sir John Tenniel: His Pen Gave Us a Panoramic View of Wonderland

Today’s the birthday of  John Tenniel. Of great illustrators a favorite perennial. His whimsical drawings do happily tell us The strange and enchanting encounters  of Alice.

Alan Guth: The Father of Inflationary Cosmology

Born today was Alan Guth. Atomic physicist, forsooth. And a prominent Big Bang sleuth. Too abstruse for me, in truth. “More recently, Guth has expressed his belief that our universe is just one of many universes that came into existence among countless others as part of a multiverse. According to this theory, cosmic inflation never... Read more »

Levi Strauss: First Name In Pants

Born today was Levi Strauss Whose pants are worn around the house. And if the  husband is a mouse, They’re  probably worn by his spouse.   “In 1872, a Nevada tailor named Jacob Davis asked Strauss to join him in a business venture. He had added metal rivets to the pockets of denim pants, making... Read more »

Enrico Caruso: Great Italian Tenor With the "Orchid-lined Voice"

Born today Enrico Caruso Great tenors like him there have been just few so. La Donna e Mobile was one of his staples. Once being booed he stopped singing in Naples. “It was in 1901, the year of his greatest success at La Scala, when Caruso suffered his cruelest blow.  The audience he most wanted... Read more »

Abe Vigoda: A Fish Called Longevity

Today’s birthday is Abe Vigoda’s, Whose long life  rivals Pepsi soda’s. Now, though wrong, it’s often said, “Abe Vigoda? I thought he was dead. [As Phil Fish on “Barney Miller”] Abe turns 93 today. He just keeps swimming along! Happy birthday, honest, Abe!

George Frideric Handel: Hallelujah! It's His 329th Birthday!

Today’s the birthday of George Handel. Music lovers in England’ll Absolutely tell you  why a Person should  know his “Messiah”. [The Great Handel Festival of 1857 at the Crystal Palace in London’s Hyde Park. It had a choir of 2000 and and orchestra of 500.] “Handel is often regarded as being a British composer. Although... Read more »

Arthur Schopenhauer: The Guru of Grief

Born today was Schopenhauer Whose world view was downright sour. An endless circle of desire Until  in turn we all expire. “Where contemporaries such as Hegel saw will as a positive force, Schopenhauer sees humanity at the mercy of a mindless, aimless universal Will. It lies behind our most basic urges, he insists, and is... Read more »

Anais Nin: Libido as Liberation

  Today is the birthday of Anais Nin. The conventional would  say she’s lewd and  obscene. A provocative novel of hers  in  this genus? Erotically titled “The Delta of Venus”.   “50 Shades of Grey” eat your heart out.  

George Smoot: He Found the Remnants of the Beginning of Time

  Today’s the birthday of George Smoot, One of the astrophysics  gang. Herein his laurels I will toot For finding the evidence of the Big Bang. “We had observed the oldest and largest structures ever seen in the early universe,” the cosmologist George Smoot explained on April 23, 1992, after announcing that his team of... Read more »

Nicholas Copernicus: He "Turned the Whole of Astronomy Upside Down"

Today’s the birthday of Copernicus Whose view of the Sun created  a fuss. Around old Sol he said we go, But the powers that be kept  the status quo.