Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: "The Perfect Composer"


Today is the birthday of Wolfgang Mozart

Whose music still tops every  classical chart.

To his Muse he was wed (at age 5!)  from the start,

And he wrote masterpieces till death did  them part.

[“The Last Hours of Mozart” by Henry Nelson O’Neil]


“Mozart… is a perfect composer. It’s almost impossible to find a set of parallels in the sum total of Mozart’s work. In fact, a few years ago, there was some question about whether Mozart had written a piece that was attributed to him, and the way scholars proved it probably wasn’t Mozart’s was that it had several imperfections. That’s ludicrous, when you think about it. Imagine trying to figure out attribution on a scientific paper from centuries ago by pointing out that it was incorrect and therefore couldn’t possibly have been written by a certain scientist. That’s something you could only do with Mozart, because nobody else from the period was even close to as perfect.” [David Leigh on Quora]


















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  • A lot to think about here, of course -- thanks! I consider myself quite a Tchaikovsky and Dvorak person, and love playing their music (perhaps because Mozart wrote little for my instrument)... yet when I find someone in another field who's just marvelous (like you, Aquinas!) I wind up comparing him with Mozart. A birthday celebrant a few days ago might even have called Mozart "great chieftain o' the genius race." (Well, maybe!)

  • You're much too kind. Tchaikovsky and Dvorak are favorites of mine too. I'm ok with Mozart probably because I could play on the piano a few pieces he wrote when he was 7.

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