Richard Milhous Nixon: The [Expletive Deleted] President

Born today was Richard Nixon

In politics he got his licks in.

A true Republican reprobate

Whose Waterloo was Watergate.

“Sock it to me!” [Richard Nixon, September 16, 1968,  while appearing on ‘Laugh-In’]

Editorial Musing: Is Chris Christie another Nixon knock-off?


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  • In Nixon's case, they said that the coverup was worse than the crime. With regard to your last comment, reports are that Christie sacked and terminated the employment of his aides. Maybe he also fired them. Anyway, if that's true, that makes him distinguishable, as opposed to Nixon who fired a couple of Attorneys General.

  • With the current NSA culture I'm not sure Nixon's crime would even be considered a crime these days. I'd like to hear Angela Merkel's opinion.

    Far as Christie goes, I've heard him ape some fiscal conservative opinions I'd agree with, but that's probably more of a coincidence then substance. Like our current administration, he's just in it for the power. Regardless of who you voted for in the last election, one must admit Christie did throw Romney 'under the bus' with his emotional pandering. He didn't need crocodile tears to do his job.

  • In reply to 4zen:

    If you want to get into liberal vs. conservative, Nixon would be considered a flaming liberal these days, being in favor of such things as price controls. Of course, in his second term, he was too consumed with CYA to do anything substantive.

  • BTW, you might want to see that I was inspired by Nixon a couple of days ago in this comment in Chicago Weather Watch.

  • In reply to jack:

    To be honest Jack, I probably should read a book on Nixon. I feel that I don't really have a grasp on his pro's and con's and couldn't judge him on liberal/conservative spectrum.

    I followed your link, but I didn't see the Nixon inspiration. What did you mean?

  • In reply to 4zen:

    Look at the manner in which I suppressed my opinion of the guy upstairs from general consumption.

  • Greetings, gentlemen!

    Waterloo was Watergate is just superb, AW.

    Regarding your comment on my post, Jack--as Nixon said, "let me say this about that." I appreciate your comments, but I found that remark unkind and unworthy of you. I chose not to respond to it, but since you bring it up, I must ask you to please refrain from such remarks in the future.

    Regarding Watergate, 4zen--Gordon Liddy wrote in his book, "Will," that the FBI considered the US to be in a state of undeclared civil war, justifying their actions at the time. It does seem almost like a comedy of errors today, in this culture of constant surveillance.

  • In reply to Weather Girl:

    Thanx for the suggestion WG, it seems we are currently in a civil war, but more like a Syrian civil war with numerous combatants.

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