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Aldo Leopold: Eloquent Crusader for a Natural Preservation Ethic

Born today was Aldo Leopold. Environmentalist of old. He said that  we, its  stewards, should Preserve the wilderness for our own good.

Chris Christie Goes to Canossa

  Canossa? Most Americans won’t connect this obscure  Italian town with Chris Christie’s apologetic histrionics yesterday. But I think it merits a revisiting in the present context. It was January of 1077. Bitter cold with much snow.  Another  political heavyweight, the Holy Roman Emperor— Henry IV, to be exact— had come to humbly prostrate himself... Read more »

Marshal Ney: "Bravest of the Brave" N'est-ce pas?

  Born today was Marshall Ney. When Napoleon lost, he had to pay The  Allied executioner. C’est la vie? Nay, c’est la guerre. Ney, who was one of the military heroes of  the Russian campaign (where Napoleon dubbed him “bravest of the brave”) and a gallant commander in many other key battles,  would eventually  plot... Read more »

Richard Milhous Nixon: The [Expletive Deleted] President

Born today was Richard Nixon In politics he got his licks in. A true Republican reprobate Whose Waterloo was Watergate. “Sock it to me!” [Richard Nixon, September 16, 1968,  while appearing on ‘Laugh-In’] Editorial Musing: Is Chris Christie another Nixon knock-off?

Stephen Hawking: A Mind Beyond the Horizon

  Born today was Stephen Hawking, His seminal science stimulates talking: About a Black Hole’s radiation, About the Big Bang at Creation. “Although I cannot move and I have to speak through a computer, in my mind I am free.” [Stephen Hawking] “Black holes have many exotic properties. Ordinary space-time and our laws of physics... Read more »

Charles Addams: His Ghoul Was To Make Us Laugh

Born today was Charles Addams, Conceived an odd  family for the New Yawker. I relish the mirth  in  his  murderous madams— Which makes me a kind  of  accessory gawker.

Tom Mix: The Duke Was a Protege of This Trailblazing Silent Western Star

  Today’s birthday?  Film cowboy Tom Mix. In the silents a magnet for manifold chicks. At the box office, his movies sold out the  tix. In a reel sense John Wayne was just a reMix.* *One might say Wayne got his props from Mix. When the Duke left USC because of a football injury, Mix... Read more »

Stephen Decatur: "The Conqueror of the Barbary Pirates"

Born today was Stephen Decatur American sea captain and navigator. He made our early navy strong And said ‘My country, right or wrong.’ * If right, he’d die for it in any fight. If wrong, he’d  always strive to make it right. One of America’s greatest naval heroes, Decatur met an untimely death in a... Read more »

Louis Braille: He Showed How To Read in the Dark By Connecting The Dots

Born today was Louis Braille Who for the blind did lift their veil. So fingertips could  read  what one did write, He devised a code of dots to give them sight. “There is a wonder in reading Braille that the sighted will never know: to touch words and have them touch you back.”  Jim Fiebig... Read more »

J.R.R. Tolkien: His Success Was Due to Some Good Hobbits

Born today J.R.R.Tolkien, Who  loved the myths of Albion So much that from the crucible of his imagining Sprung hobbits, wizards,  dragons , and a  magical ring.   “He told them tales of bees and flowers, the ways of trees, and the strange creatures of the Forest, about the evil things and the good things,... Read more »