Lord Byron: English Romantic Poet Who Is a National Hero in Greece

Today’s birthday is poet Lord Byron’s

Who was forced into leaving Great Britain’s environs.

He wound up in battle for freedom in Greece.

Unfortunately there his existence did cease.

[Joseph Denis Odevaere: Lord Byron on His Deathbed]

[Alexandre-Marie Colin: Byron as Don Juan, with Haidee]

A few of my favorite lines from  “Don Juan”:

“What men call gallantry, and gods, adultery,//Is much more common where the climate’s sultry.”

“He learn’d the arts of riding, fencing, gunnery,//And how to scale a fortress—or a nunnery.”

“I’d weep, —but , mine is not a weeping muse.”

“She grew to womanhood, and between whiles//Rejected several suitors, just to learn//How to accept a better in his turn.”




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  • Thank you, AW, for this romantic interlude, and visions of sultry climes!

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