Gustave Eiffel: His Name Is Synonymous With Paris

Born today was Gustave Eiffel.

Those unfamiliar with his life’ll

Know him at this present hour

Eponymously for a tower.


In Trivial Pursuit of the Eiffel Tower:

1. It is 1063 feet (324 meters) tall.

2. It is lit with 5 billion lights.

3. It is made of wrought iron.

4. In the sun, it grows 6 inches.

5. It weighs 10,000 tons.

6. There are 3 platforms. Tourists only climb upstairs 190 feet to the first. Elevators reach the second (376 feet up) and the third (900 feet up).

7. French author, Guy de Maupassant hated it; he ate lunch every day at its base to avoid looking at it.


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  • Is that a helicopter in the first picture? Such a delightful post--thanks AW!

  • A whirlybird, it is. Thanks, WG. Another example of your acute Seine-sibility.

  • Tres bien fait, monsieur (i.e., well done, sir)!

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